Organizing Made Easy.

Organizing events can be time consuming and down right difficult. Don't worry, we make things easy. Your event and it's attendees will be all set and ready to go in minutes.

1 Create your signup.

Creating a signup is easy. Add custom questions and make use of our many features.

2 Invite folks to join

Once your signup is created, send out a simple link to the event page so your folks can sign up easily.

3 Event Day

We don't stop there. Once your even rolls around, we offer services like check in, and team building to help your event go smoothly.

Create your Sign Up.

Events of any kind can be difficult to organize without the right tool. Don't worry. Breath. It'll be ok. Signuplounge helps you create custom event pages that are elegant and super easy to manage.

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Send Invitations

Let's not punish the people we are trying to invite. Let's send them easy access to your event so they can go through a seamless sign up process, invite their friends and cancel (with refunds) if something comes up.

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Smart Waitlists

Your event was so easy to join, we managed to book every spot available. Don't worry, people can join your event's waitlist. This way, when a guest has to cancel last minute, we automatically notify the next guest on the waitlist so they can be bumped into attendance.

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Event Payments

With Signuplounge, just enter the price of your event and we'll handle the rest. Consider payments, refunds, and waitlists handled. You can focus on the good stuff, like your event!

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Event-day Tools

Creating the event and inviting your attendees is only part of the job here at Signuplounge. Once everyone is signed up and the event is underway, we offer individualized tools to help your event, whatever it may be, run smoothly.

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Custom Questions

With each event, you can create custom questions for your attendees to answer during registration process. These can be multiple choice answers or hand written answers. Required or not required. Public or private. You choose! Enjoy!

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What is this for?

Although we have many tools like facebook and other social media gathering areas. It can still be difficult to scrape through comments and emails to try and get a head count for your event.

We put in effort to make event organizer's jobs easier. Whether we are collecting payments, providing a central meeting hub for your guests and what they might bring to event.

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Currently you can try out a couple events and after that we have an affordable subscription plan that anyone can purchase.

We hope to continue to bring the best service and tools to our organizers and their attendees. Please join us on our mission to help people with their clubs, sports teams, events, fundraisers, anything!

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Who made it?

This app was created by a small team based in Detroit, Michigan. We started this program to help some of the local sports communities in the area. It has since grown to a full fledge signup service for the masses.

We can't wait for you to try it. We also look forward to your valuable and honest feedback. Hopefully the community can benefit from our hard work.

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